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Awtomatic Apothecary

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Used by: Habit Skin, Rizzi Home, Gut Food, Elate Beauty, Embeba, Austin and Kat

Turn any product into a subscription by adding a classic subscription plan to your existing products. Upsell one-time customers on the same page by offering a subscription discount or offer subscription-only products.

  • Allow customers to subscribe to any product, generating predictable revenue and higher LTV
  • Determine frequencies based on how customers use your product
  • Add subscriptions to any product, both classic and dynamic build-a-boxes
  • Set static discounts (10% or $5 off each order) or offer time-based discounts (10% off order first three orders, then 15%) 
  • Offer other benefits like early access to new products or free shipping—create a subscription shipping profile to create free, flat rate, etc.